Windows 7 freezes on shutdown screen even after fresh install.

After trying many different fixes I decided just to save myself the headache and do a fresh install of Windows 7, but it still freezes every time I try to shutdown or go to sleep. And yes, all USB devices are disconnected.

I have an i5 2320 3GHZ, 8GB 1600mhz ddr3 ram, 1TB HDD, gigabyte geforce 660 GPU and this power supply: (it has served me well with no problems for over a year now...)

Any help greatly appreciated!
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  1. I tried removing my video card, and each stick of ram individually. And also flashing cmos and none of that helped. Unfortunately I don't have a spare power supply kicking around. Its worth noting that when booted up on the recovery partition of my hard drive I CAN restart. Any ideas anyone? (And sorry I guess this isn't really about windows 7 anymore)
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