Nvidia GTX 650 Ti Boost 2GB vs. HD 7850 (PhysX factor)

I know that the Nvidia GTX 650 TI BOOST 2GB is almost equal to the HD 7850 , but what of Nvidia PHYSX?? Is the GTX 650 Ti BOOST worth for sheer PhysX technology over the HD 7850?
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    physx is nice but not a game changer as only so many games utilise it. another thing to think about is the release of mantle for amd cards the 7800 series and up will support it and is meant to give us a good increase in performance for gaming
  2. 650ti boost is slightly faster regardless of physx or not. if the same price, get the 650ti boost.
  3. If you look at pure specs the 7850 is ahead of the 650 Ti Boost (, and Physx is used in less than a handful of game titles also considering that AMD has Mantle (which is gonna be quite a game changer pun intended :)
    I'd say go for the 7850.
    Or the new R9 270X (a re-branded 7870, basically the same price as a 7850)
    You will be much happier with your investment in the future.
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