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best ram for MSi Z87 GD65 gaming motherboard?!!!

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November 28, 2013 10:39:28 PM

Deciding between 3 RAM sets, and 2 alternative configerations

1. G Skill Ripjaws X 16gb 1866mhz CAS9
2. G SKill Sniper 16gb 1866mhz CAS9
3. Corsair Vengeance Pro 16gb 1866mhz CAS9


1. TWO GSkill Ripjaws 8gb 1866mhz CAS9
2. TWO Gskill Sniper 8gb 1866mhz CAS9

Now im trying to take everything into consideration such as longevity, cooling, efficiency, performance, overclocking capabilities, benchmark testing, etc.

First off i just realized the that the ripjawsX are not natively meant for the GD65 z87 chipset but if adjusted with the XMP profiles to the true settings of 1866 CAS9 settings it will be ok? But i also checked the MSi detailed specifications for the GD65 and it doesnt have the ripjaws listed in both regular memory support or OC memory support...only the Sniper version is listed, so i am somewhat confused as to what i need to do.

Secondly, if I would want to gain the best performance,efficiency and stability for the entire build of my computer when I'm planning to overclock CPU and GPU, does RAM have a big influence in reaching these goals of a good overclocking?

Lastly, im going with 8gb instead of the 16gb as initially planned. I wanted to save some money from the ram since it being a $100 difference so I can use towards other componants. If in the near future I wanted to expand memory by getting the same RAM kit, will this have a negative effect on my motherboard since its a dual channel chipset? I've read around the site and came across someone stating that it will cause problems. Just wanting to make sure if I should just buy a 16gb 1866mhz RAM kit or stick to this 4 stick of RAM kit?

My main uses for this computer would be gaming, audio production, a little video/photo (recording/editing/effects/etc), movie streaming, the works. Planning this is difficult without proper understanding, I've searched around but I'm still a noob. So im deciding weither or not to go with a single dual channel memory kit at 16gb now so that i dont run into stress/lag for the motherboard, or if its safe enough to go with a single dual channel memory kit at 8gb while waiting for prices to drop for another set of 8gbs.

Please help asap for i need to buy this soon! Your time and help will be very much appreciated and will be rewarded with a.............................................................................................................................................[​IMG]
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November 28, 2013 10:43:44 PM

All the cards you have selected are good but from my personal experience I'd suggest you to go with the corsair. All the cards have efficiency longevity and performance. All generate almost the same amount of heat.
I'd suggest you to stay away from overclocking, but if you wanna do it go with ripjaws or corsair dominator
Overclocking the ram to a speed greater than 1866 MHz won't give you any noticeable benifit
November 28, 2013 10:52:44 PM

why do i feel that you are trolling me....haha. Even thought this is mostly subjective, I've heard a lot about the G Skill's being generally a better RAM than the Corsairs. Supposedly the heatsinks are better on the ripjaws and are more stable by giving more overhead room for overclocks? I do plan on overclocking safely, not too extreme so this is important to me
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November 28, 2013 10:56:09 PM

Ram doesn't play any significant role in overclocking, by that I mean you don't need to overclock the ram for CPU overclocking. GPU is not related to ram except for APUs.
Get 16gB now it self if you want to get to 16gB eventually, buying a different set later will only be gifted by problems.
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November 28, 2013 10:58:59 PM

I had very nice experience with corsair so I am leaning towards it. And yes heats ink is a little better in ripjaws, the heats ink of vengeance sucks. But the best ram card is corsair dominator series

Best solution

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November 28, 2013 11:09:50 PM

On the Z87 the Snipers seem a little better than the RipJaws X and both are better than the Corsairs in the testing I've done with my Haswell builds...Gskill tends to always have some OC headroom (at least a full step - here should be able to run them at 2133 is so desired), on the CPU OC, DRAM doesn't really play in unless you head to high freq sticks like 2400-and above where in large amounts 32GB and can inhibit the CPU OC a bit ( .1 GHz or so)
November 28, 2013 11:17:40 PM

Thanks for taking the time guys, especially you MR MODERATOR haha. I'll definitely look into it more when deciding between the two. Do you have some screenshots of some memory benchmarks for both of them on your i7 haswell build? Or a site that I can see the difference between the Ripjaws and Sniper when ran on an i7 4770k with a GD65 motherboard? I assume both of them will work on the GD65 but why does the MSi website not have the Ripjaws listed for supported memory?

Also what would be your recommendations for extended memory? Will it be better to run a single dual channel RAM kit at 16gb or have 2 dual channel kits at 8gb?
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November 29, 2013 12:30:14 PM

There will be minimal difference between the RipJaws and Sniper series since the specifications are identical. Get the one that is physically more appealing to you.

The memory may not be listed because they are unable to test every single model of RAM.

It is best to run a single dual channel kit. Two separate kits are not guaranteed to work in a single system. Plus, it is less stress on the CPU for 2 8GB modules rather than full slots of 4GB.

Thank you

December 12, 2013 4:15:41 AM

The official list of supported RAMs for this MSI motherboard is there:

As you can notice, this list is horribly small compared to lists from Asrock or even Asus, for example.
You will have to do the research yourself.
As I am the unfortunate owner of a Z87-G45 gaming, I know your issue...
I had to return the excellent Crucial Ballistix RAM, because incompatible, and I settled for the much slower (but stable) Kingston Genesys Grey. I won't choose Gskill, as their support apparently asks to return the RAM to Taiwan in case of problem (I am not sure, I just read that on the net), neither Corsair (I don't like their products in general). For me, Kingston or Mushkin, or sometimes Crucial, is the way to go, and maybe Avexir as well.

There are big compatibility issues with this serie of MSI motherboards, so pick carefully. MSI support rarely answers, also - and when answered, nothing serious : I was told that annoying debug codes like "A2" etc on startup where normal "and not to worry about it", after adding a non-MSI graphic card. Honnestly, if you still have the time to return your mobo, do it, and look into Asrock or Tyan motherboards, even Asus maybe (I am not a big fan). Then you can choose the best RAM for your needs.
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December 12, 2013 9:27:23 AM

Pat the IT dudz,

Incorrect, we have RMA offices in USA - Taiwan - Netherlands

Return location depends on your location, whichever is closest and most cost efficient to you.

Thank you