Need help deciding between two graphic cards

OK so both of these cards are around the same price tag due to sales (black friday)

The first one is the gtx670 by asus which can be viewed here --

The second is the gtx 760 OC'd by evga --

I want to know which one will perform better. I've read that the 670 is slightly more powerful but is it more powerful than the OC'd 760? please and thank you for help in advance.
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  2. johnnyb105 said:

    I understand this and thank you for the reply. But what I really want to know is if this specific model of the 760 is better than the 670.
  3. Most cards are reference cards so unless special cooling or special features are added then no
  4. they are exactly the same as far as performance if you clock them to the same clocks. but how much noise the fans make and how hot they get is the only difference.
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