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I have a folder containing my virtual machine setups from a dell pc on a flash drive now i formatted the dell hard disk. Is there a way in which i can clone that virtual machine folders to Run as a default OS on MY Harddisk
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  1. Short answer is no your going to have to install operating system from a disk virtual machine is exactly what it says its virtual it uses other drivers you can still get your files back tho as you can just run virtual machine again on new installation
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    It is possible to redeploy the operating system from a virtual machine to a physical machine. You would need to Sysprep the virtual system, capture an image, and then deploy that image down to the physical machine along with any drivers that might be required for the physical environment. A working deployment infrastructure would make this relatively easy. With the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT), you could do a quick double check to ensure that the drivers are in place in the deployment share, then capture and deploy the image using a pair of task sequences.

    Without a working deployment infrastructure, it is likely far easier to perform the installation on the physical machine manually.

    You can also attempt to boot the VHD directly using VHD Native Boot in Windows 7 and Windows 8, but you may counter driver incompatibilities which may result in corruption of the VHD environment.
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