New build, one long beep, three short beeps

I've just put together the following system:

Seasonic x850
Gigabyte z87x D3H
G.Skill Ares Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3-1866
Intel Core i5-4670K 3.4GHz Quad-Core

I'm also running two 8800GTS until I'm able to upgrade them. I suspect they must be faulty as I'm unable to get any video signal from them. When using the on-board video out, I was able to boot the system and all seemed well. I shut-down, but now I am unable to any video, and have one long and three short beeps on power-up. I have tried my GPU's in either slot, have tried on-board display, have reset CMOS, have switched RAM into other slots. If no RAM is inserted, I get multiple short beeps.

I was running the two 8800GTS on a socket 775 motherboard that packed-up, and I ordered a second-hand replacement, but I sent it back as I thought it was faulty as I couldn't get any video. There's no way a faulty GPU could damage a motherboard is there? There just seems to be a pattern of me trying the GPU and then being left with no video...

Any suggestions will be most appreciated!
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  1. That code means a video error, and you can very well dammage a motherboard with a faulty video card.
  2. RATS! I'l be sending it back... In terms of checking the suspect graphics card, isn't there the risk that it'll wreck whatever board it's plugged into? And if the card was working fine, how do you suspect it got damaged, or rather, how is it now able to write-off motherboards? And are any of my other components at risk?
  3. Also, I've read somewhere that the beep code I'm experiencing is a VGA error, but also read somewhere else that it's a keyboard error... Is this just wishful thinking?
  4. Just a thought - when i did manage to boot-up using the onboard video, I got into device manager, and noticed that my video card was listed as a Nvidia Tesla (which it certainly isn't). Is this conclusive that the card is fried? I did switch to the seasonic PSU immediately before the cards stopped working - could this be what has damaged them?
  5. Do not think a new Seasonic PSU would be the cause of a bad video card. I would try to clear the CMOS again and remove battery for 3 minutes, then try to boot system without video card. Also you can take a look at this article.
  6. Thanks for that - the PSU wasn't new, and it has "popped" a few times when the power switch at the back is flipped on… And I've had the CMOS battery out overnight, but still no luck
  7. By all means try another good kown power supply. You may have to borrow one, but aleast you will know if that was the problem.
  8. Yes - I've tried my Cooler Master 430w which was working fine - same result!
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