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Connecting a VGA/DVI monitor to a HDMI output (Sky/Xbox/PS3)

Last response: in General Connectivity
November 29, 2013 2:54:10 AM

My situation: I have a really good 1080 monitor with good speakers & VGA/DVI ports fixed to the kitchen wall. Currently I can play Xbox 360 or PS3 using RGB cables + RCA > DVI + 3.5 jack. The consoles sit on my kitchen table with loads of wires, plugs, etc
I would like to put my console back in the front room where I could use the consoles streaming services.
I already own a 10m HDMI cable which would be ideal for quick switching of devices & running Sky in the Kitchen.

Obviously I need the right adaptor but I've read that this isn't possible without expensive converters and at that cost I might as well go with the simple option of buying extension cables for the RGB + RCA which might get a bit untidy & would I lose signal strength? (I don't notice any loss with my 10m HDMI)

There are HDMI > VGA converters with audio jacks that claim they contain "chipsets" which convert the signal available really cheap but from what I understand they don't actually work but if that's the case why are they available?

Anyone got any suggestions if possible post a link to a suitable item so it's nice and idiot proof for me.

Hopefully not TLDR

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