Connected to internet,Can't use browser

I am connected to the internet via my work network but browsers can't open anything.Other internet related stuff work fine.

Not using any proxy or dns
Resetted the ie settings to default
Disabled the firewall and uninstalled anti-virus
Uninstalled and reinstalled ethernet driver
Did the Netsh ip reset from command in cmd window
Blanked the value of autoproxy and proxyserver setting in regedit

None of it helped.I restarded the computer about 10 times while doing this stuff.

Anybody have any ideas ?
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  1. What does it say when you load the web page, do you get an error message or anything?

    Also, you MUST use a DNS server lol. Go to command prompt and do a ping If it works, then it's a DNS issue. Set your DNS server to and just use that.
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