what graphics card will be playing at over 60 fps for most games


I have a Lenovo k450. It has I5 processor quad core, 8gb memory, 1tb hard drive, currently 240/50w psu - not sure - and a gt630 graphics card.

I am looking to upgrade the graphics card and possibly the Power Supply. what is the best card/psu i can get for this budget: 280.00


if you need more information please let me know.

I would like it to be able to play new games like crysis etc on at least med or so with 50 fps or greater online games like Runescape 3 at max settings and max fps.
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  1. whats processor has it got and which country do you live in so i can help research prices for you
  2. It has I5-4430 Quad core 3.0, and USA
  3. Best answer GTX 660 OC from asus would be a decent card to run the games at the setting you want and for a power supply is decent price and good quality
  4. Thank you :)

    I did come across this psu was wondering if it was any better than that one?
  5. blight16 said:
    Thank you :)

    I did come across this psu was wondering if it was any better than that one?

    i haven't heard much if anything about roswill gear but 1000w is over kill for what your system is and your doing unless you plan to tri/quad sli in future
  6. Okay thank you, I was kinda figuring that but wasnt sure if that was the case.

    Thanks again

  7. i'd suggest go with 600W if your getting a 660 oc
  8. 500w will be fine full system load on a i7 3960x system with a gtx 660 was 292w full load from this review
  9. For that budget i would get one of the new AMD R9 GPU's and this PSU since seasonic are known for their high quality power supplies - battlefield 3 on ultra with that GPU - crysis 3 - it will run at 44 -60 fps on 1080p resolution and high-very high settings
  10. R9 270x decent price and will give you better results but puts you right on your 280 limit with that PSU andri3 suggested
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