How to check for compatibility of SSD drives with a old laptop

I am evaluating SSD to replace my existing HDD. What I am concerned with is the compatibility of SSD's with my old 2007 Laptop. So my question how do I confirm whether my laptop will be compatible with the new SSDs available in the market? I am thinking of putting a Intel SSD or a Samsung SSD into my laptop.

Any guide or clue in this regard would be appreciated.
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  2. Rune Olsen said:

    This is a guide to install SSD. It does not help me in figuring out whether a specific SSD will be compatible with my laptop or not. I have a Intel Serial ATA Storage Controller on my laptop. It is SATA. But I would like to know if I were to plug in a newer generation SSD, which work on SATA II or SATA III or which have a throughput of about 6Gbps will my laptop work with that?
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    Amardeep Verma
  3. SSD compatibility has to do with SATA firmware and your laptop's BIOS. The newer SSD employ a variety of data structures that use very small cluster sizes. Most of the newest SSDs use these small cluster sizes and they are not compatible with older laptops. It is the high density (read smaller cluster sizes) that allow the newer SSDs to store many more Gigabytes in the same amount of space. You will need to search for forums that have users who have tried SSDs in the same model laptop as you have. Look up the progression of Samsung SSDs. Older models up to 256GB should work just fine. eBay sells lots of used ones for dirt cheap prices.
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