How to enter bios on hp g6 laptop

I am trying to get a HP g6 laptop to boot from a cd and USB drive,I have 2 options legacy AND and ufei to change the boot order,the os is windows 8 the cd is a Linux boot disk
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    To enter BIOS your laptop either has a dedicated button to directly go to bios or you have to press a specific key to go to bios at the logo screen. Go check your manual.
  2. Thanks I can get into the bios but you have to make changes in legacy or the ufei,I never observed bios setup like this
  3. Do you want to install Linux???

    Then you have change it to legacy type and proceed. Even I want to install Mint onto mine but I want to replace Win8 with Win8 PRO. I just don't know how I can do that while keeping the pre loaded os on some media just in case.
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