How to change my Aspire One Laptop graphics card to Nvidia.

so, i have a laptop which has a 4GB of ram, dual core processer which is an Intel Celeron CPU 887 @1.50GHz and an Intel Graphics Card. I was wondering that i could buy a Nvidia graphics card to impove my gaming and buying abit more ram. But i would like to know if thats possible? and which Graphics card to buy as there are alot of different kinds of graphics card that can be bought for Nvidia. and i have a 64-bit operating system and it is currently in windows 8. Thanks. It would help me out alot.
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  1. Except in rare cases, changing the graphics system in a laptop in not possible.
  2. That laptop does not have any way to change the graphics card for one it is not using a graphics but rather the igpu build into your CPU. Sorry it can't be done with that laptop you are stuck with the graphics power you have.
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    nope no upgrade ,though ram can be expanded ...overall u r lap is not in catching up with latest games
    try to save some money ,we can help u find a good one for u r budget :)
    for example this lap is good option in tight budget
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