Upgrading a copy of Windows 7 that is not genuine

So I purchased Windows 7 a couple of years ago, it came with 3 activation keys. I built a new PC a couple months ago and installed it, but I guess I used all the keys already, I can't remember. So now I have a copy of Windows 7 that is "not genuine." Everything still works fine, except for a popup window every hour reminding me to upgrade Windows 7.

My question: I installed Windows 7 Home Premium originally, and I want to make sure I buy the correct product key to activate it.

OEM Windows 7

Windows 7 Retail

So why is one version $89.00 and the other $209.00?

I don't want to reinstall the OS, I'm just looking for an activation key for Windows 7 Home Premium at a reasonable price.
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  1. Windows 7 Home Premium (includes 32-bit & 64-bit versions) for $209.00 can be reused on a different motherboard in the future. (only 1 PC at a time)

    The OEM $89.00 version is tied to the motherboard it is originally installed on. It can't be used on a different motherboard at a later date. If you replace the original motherboard with the same thing then that is an exception.

    You might want to call Microsoft and have the installation disk handy. They might need some numbers off it.
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    go for prod key-ultimate fr ms.then install it using in your computer 'windows anytime upgrade'.activate it twice using the same key.1st: it download ultimate.2nd: it activates ultimate.all 'home' versions are no good.that went into trial version.i think u have 2-30 day to buy/find a product key.after that,u will not be able to open your computer unless of course buying a new cd fr ms
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