Can't turn computer on, motherboard light on and power switch light...


I put back together my computer and now i cant turn it on. I plugged the power cable into the power supply and motherboard light comes on along with the light for the power switch (like it is already getting power or something). I tried to short out the power pins with a piece of metal and nothing. What am i doing wrong?

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  1. Did you plug in the 24 pin and EATX connectors? Do you put the power switch and reset on the correct headers? Is your cpu fan plugged in?
  2. did you plug in all the connectors like before? the small power adapter next to the cpu is usually missed (4 pins)
  3. I plugged in the 24 pin, the 4 pin, and the 6 pin into the graphics card. All fans are plugged in too. The case front panel cables are plugged in correctly because the wires for it are in a harness. To note, the computer was on before i replaced the power supply and put the graphics card in.
  4. try to press and hold the reset button or reset your bios settings via the jumper
  5. There is no reset button on this case, its just a dell vostro 200. How do i reset the bios via the jumper??
  6. next to the battery there should be a jumper on 2 pins and another one empty, take it out of the 2, move it one step to the empty one, wait 5 seconds, move it back
  7. I tried to reset via the jumper with no success. but i just feel like i have something plugged in wrong somehow. But i am pretty sure i dont. could it be a bad power supply??
  8. try to hook up the old one to get that out of the way

    if you feel something is plugged wrong you just need to take them all apart, chill for a few minutes and reassemble it all
  9. Looks like I'm sending back a power supply lol, thanks a lot im glad it was nothing big :)
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    Ok since i have noticed that this post is getting quite a few reads i am going to tell the truth. The answer that i claimed fixed my computer did not actually work. I fixed it before i got an answer so i just gave the correct answer away to help out. What i actually did to fix the computer and get it to work was i took out the battery on the motherboard for the BIOS and put it back in. After that the computer worked. Magic!
  11. Wow did I actually help lol??
  12. well yes, normally the jumper reset for the bios should do the same thing but i guess the battery is a way to do it too. if that's how you managed to fix the problem yes, that's the best answer :D
  13. Lol yea I did the jumper reset but it just about did jack crap so I did a little more research on the matter and popped the batter out :p
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