How long do ssds last?

For my new build I was to have no hard drives only ssd's since I am addicted to their speed! I currently have a 250 GB Kingston Hyper X ssd with my OS and I want buy a second one to put games on. How long can I expect the drives to last? How will I know if the drive is dying? Tahnks!
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  1. No one can say for sure how long an SSD will last. There are far too many variables in usage. One thing you need to do is get all the stuff that Windows uses to write to the drive. I have the swap file, the disc indexing and the like shut off on the SSD.
  2. A good MLC(all mainstream SSDs are MLC) SSD will last about 5,000-10,000 writes of every cell, ideally 5,000 x the size of the SSD, if you use the whole disk or allow the drivers/setup and such to use the whole disk properly. Alot of factors such as Over Partitioning done right and how well TRIM is done(or was done in the past on a drive), has some effects to try and "spread the storage" to all cells evenly and even out the write loads to a SSD, if it can.

    If you buy an Intel SSD like the 520/530 or the ever popular Samsung 840 Evo/Pro's they all come with a tool that can check and verify the health of your drive and give it the full bill of health. Intels tool is particularly good at this and my old X25-M drive I used for Windows with swap file and tmp and everything else for 3 yrs, then made it videoediting slave drive with lots of writes, still work fine and I check it every 3 months along with the 520 I use for OS drive.

    Check out if Kingston has a similar tool and get it if they do. The checks takes seconds and you'll know if its time to find a new one.

    The best enterprise SSDs currently on the market can handle 35-36 PB writes before you blow the warrenty, or 45,000 cell writes on average of the same cell, in the perfect world where it can utilize all cells. Those HGST SSD800M(H/M) are however north of $3000 a pop, so...

    If you really really want a SSD that lasts and don't mind going the extra dollar for it, for enthusiast money still, get a eMLC SDD like the PNY Prevail Elite 240GB at €219/$298. It has 5 yrs warrenty and some kinda promise to last more than 10,000 writes per cell. And it's not that far from the price of a 250GB 840 Pro.
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