HD 7850 2GB still a good gaming card?

Hello, is a HD 7850 2GB still a good gaming card? For games, like BF4 and Watch Dogs? Thanks! :)
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  1. I currently have a 7850 but I am looking to upgrade to an r9 280x or 290 ... It's still a great card, I am sure it will run both games fine.
    I currently play bf4 at 100-150 fps on lowest settings in bf4 multiplayer. Since I have a 144hz monitor I want to get as high as fps as possible, this is the reason I am upgrading. on high settings it gets 50-60 fps in bf4 easily. Yes it's still a good card but if you are looking to buy one get the 7870 xt instead around the same price and a bit better even!
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    Its a medicore card, its great for an entry level card but it won't be able to play BF4 or Watch dogs maxed out. I'd suspect you'll be able to play it at medium settings @ 1080p.

    Its a good gaming card but if you want to play games maxed out buy something like a GTX 760 or R9 270X
  3. Hey, thanks for the answers. I will be playing at 1366x768 for a little while and I was thinking about taking this card back and getting a 660 but blahhh lol.
  4. there wown't be much of a performance difference between those 2 cards, you're better sticking with the 7850 then for that resolution.
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