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how do i recover excel file which is deleted from my network

Excel file is deleted permanently from network drive can anyone help me out????
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  1. Run a file recovery program like the free version of Recuva from HERE. You will need to actually run it on the computer that physically has the network drive in it and do it soon before it gets overwritten.
  2. No, it's gone forever.
  3. No its not
  4. He has little chance of recovering from a network drive unless he's the only one using the network.
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    While little chance does not equal no chance, I agree that unless he is the only user and does it ASAP it won't happen. One of the downsides of using network drives -- no recycle bin, so a small error in accidentally deleting is a big deal. I only allow users to read and modify but not delete, even me unless I am on the server.
  6. I guess I asked for it due to my lack of precision... the probability of recovery is certainly greater than zero, but I considered the chance of success to be unrealistically low. Essentially for the reasons that you mentioned.
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