Gaming laptop under Rs 65k

Guys which v'll b d best laptop under Rs 60-65k?? I
hv shortlisted 2 laptops.. Dell 15 7000 with 4th gen i5
2GB nvidia 750M DDR5 and another one is dell 15R
4th gen i7 2GB amd radeon 8850M DDR5. Which v'll b
better for gaming ? N which has better graphics card ?? I mainly need it for gaming and should hv good speaker:.
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  1. Dell 15r is way better
    cpu-i7 4500u
    which is better
    it has 8850m which surely beats 750m
    and both laptops are ddr5 :)
    before u buy make sure laptop has 8850m itself becz there was some issues in flipkart earliers where they had 8670m instead of 8850m
    Good luck bhai

    oh u can look rating of u r gpu here its 82th place it also provide fps of many games :)
  2. But i have heard build quality,speakers are very good in dell 15 7000 series n also it comes with touch screen at the same price point.. Is i5 enough for playing high end and upcoming games ?
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    first of all for gamer he doesnt need touch,speaker,or doesnt matter if its heavy too what matter is can this thing feed him for gaming if it do nothing matter, btw both are not that much good for high end games or u will have to pay 1 lac u can check u r self for checking u processor for checking gpu
  4. Thanx..
  5. i5 is good but u r i5 4th generation falls behind many i5 3rd generation ....however ur i5 consumes less power providing u more battery backup while sacrificing cpu performance,but as a gamer we need performance ,however i7 4th genration provides more performance though less consuming power too i knw its expensive but remember laptop cant be upgraded
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