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Hi my desktop that i have had for some years moves slow so i decided time for a new pc. I have a acer ast180-ua381b. It still works just moves slow while browsing the net and playing youtube or pandora at the same time. So first is anything i can keep from this pc? If not then what range would i look at to build a pc that does basic stuff like browsing, watching movies (netflix), playing music without lagging. I am not gaming which i know can run quite a bit on the high end. So in mind trying to keep it as low in cost but can do all of the above which i think is pretty basic things. Thanks
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  1. For as much as 350 EUR / USD you can make such configuration. Since you didn't post a location or a store:
    Pentium G 3430 - 60 EUR or Intel Pentium G3220 for 70 USD
    ASRock B85M, socket 1150 - 65-70 bucks
    Corsair value RAM 2x4 GB at 1333 - around 70/75 bucks
    Cooler Master N200 - around 40 EUR or 45 USD
    Any 300W power supply with bronze or higher certification - around 40 bucks
    275 EUR / 300 USD

    The others go for :
    HDD by your wish - 500GB, 1TB or whatever
    CD/DVD if you want

    This will do even more than casual surfing. You wont have any trouble with Office package or simple image/video editing/conversion and very light gaming.

  2. Thanks Shneiky that sounds good and is what i was looking for
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