How much should I be spending on RAM?


I'm building a $2,000~ gaming PC that will be using a 780 Ti and 4770k.

How much should I be spending on RAM? I'd like to purchase from NCIX but I'm noticing that they only have DDR3-1600s on sale. Is that all I need or should I go for something more expensive? I will be getting 16gb.

Any recommendations? Here is a link to where I would like to purchase:
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  1. Get good 1866,2133 or 2400MHz. G.skill is good brand. Look sniper ,ares.
  2. It`s worth the extra for 2400 vs 1600 then? Does C10 vs C9 make any difference? I also notice that is 1.65v and not 1.5v, is that a problem?

    Will the Tridents interfere with my Noctua DH14 / 4770k setup, or is that motherboard dependent?
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    What mobo? As long as it's a Z87, then the 2400 Tridents are a great choice in 2x8GB, CL is haow many clock cycles it takes for DRAM to perform an action so the lower the better based on the freq of the DRAM to put it into perspective the difference between 1600/9 and 2400/10 would be best shown as if you downclocked the 2400 sticks to 1600 they would be able to run at a CL of 7 or possibly less - so much better than 1600/9 - as far as the Tri's with a oversize cooler like the Noctua you have a couple of options run them in slots 2-4 or simply remove the upper fin of one of the Tridents (they are held in place by two set screws at either end of the fin, and then slide the fin off), see here:
  4. Thanks!

    What exactly am I paying for with the price difference of, say, Z87X-3DH @ $110 or Maximus Hero VI @ $220. I can possibly wait for the Hero VI to go on sale, but it doesn't seem like it does very often.
  5. $200 at the Egg, and they often have it at $180, only worked with one of the that GB mobo, it had problems w/ DRAM (especially higher end and high quantities), didn't OC that well, not thrilled with the controls in the BIOS and like many of their entry mobos it was still (and may still be) on the original BIOS
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