I need help with a budget editing \ gaming build $650 CAD range

I'm doing my first build in over 15 years. I've used the form from this site plus additional information.

Approximate Purchase Date:
I would buy today, right now, if I could get within my price range.

Budget Range:
My target is $650 Canadian. Lower would be better, but $650 is the target. This price needs to include taxes (13% where I live), shipping and price before rebates. It's the cash I have in hand. I could flex $25 up on that if it was really necessary.

System Usage from Most to Least Important:
I listed this as an editing gaming build, but the only game I play is World of Warcraft. For editing I use Sony Vegas 9 and it's all non 3D. I'm rendering @ 720p, but if the new build could handle it I'd go up to 1080p, and upgrade to Vegas 12. I would also be using it to watch some HD movies online, and surfing the web. But rendering vids and WoW are the most important considerations.

Are you buying a monitor:
Not now. I have one monitor now, a 21" LCD, compatible with HDMI or DVI. I will be buying a second identical in the new year, so the ability to run two monitors is a must.

Do you need to buy OS:

Preferred Website(s) for Parts:
NCIX and Newegg because in Canada they seem to have the best prices, but I'd consider others. Amazon Canada also. But Canadian sites only.

BC, Canada

Parts Preferences:

I want an FX - 8320, it's my one preferred part, the rest I've been building more around the budget than a specific brand, or part, based on the above mentioned usage

At this time No. I wouldn't even consider it without an aftermarket fan \ cooling system, and I've not included that to reduce every possible cost. In future if the mobo and other parts allowed for it, I'd consider it, but not a big fan of overclocking.

I wanted to get something with at least a 970 chipset, USB 3.0, 3 audio ports is fine, PCI 2.0 is OK, 4800 MT/s FSB is OK, better if I could but those are minimum spec's.

8 Gb Ram 1600 - 1866 - not brand specific, but not a fan of huge heat spreaders because of the potential of interfering with \ obstructing an aftermarket CPU fan, should I choose to go that route in future

3.5" 1Tb 7200RPM, 32 or 64Mb cache, In future I'd like to get an SSD. I have about 5Tb in external USB storage

Vid Card
Good for above mentioned usage, no 3D editing requirements, WoW only gaming.
Something that can handle two monitors, I'd like to have one DVI and one HDMI at least
If I went with the ASUS M5A97 Mobo (see below), I wouldn't necessarily need a PCI 3.0 vid card (though most are backwards compatible) and I'd even go DDR3 if it could handle what I'm using it for. 1 or 2 Gb, no ext fan power would be fine with me.
The vid card is the thing I'm struggling with the most.

SLI or Crossfire:
Not necessary

I'd prefer something semi modular, but to keep price down I'd go without it. Wattage will depend on what other parts are picked, especially vid card and it's potential requirements, but in the 400 - 500 range 80+ or 80+ bronze. I'd go 380 W if I though t the system could handle it. This is a budget build

No bling. I'd like a black case with decent airflow, no window, and no crazy lighting. Once I close the case I look at the monitor, not the internals. At least one 120mm fan, two is better

Optical Drive
Cheap and black, no B'Ray, it's only for loading programs and some movie DVD's. 99% of what I do is through USB or online.

Your Monitor Resolution:
Right now it's 1366 x 768 constrained by my laptop's resolution - so I haven't been able to get the 1920 x 1080 that I'd prefer, and that my external monitor can handle.

And Most Importantly, Why Are You Upgrading:
My current laptop is ridiculously underpowered for what I'm pushing it to do. My laptop has an older 25W dual core i3 (370M). Rendering a 5 min segment takes 45 mins. Editing is painful.

Additional Comments:

I've been looking at various parts over the last few weeks. I put together several potential builds using PCpartpicker, Canadian sites, only to discover afterward that prices listed did not at all reflect the actual cost when taken to checkout. In some cases, not even close. So I've been using it as a rough general guide of part options and comparable prices, but not as the final word on cost. Unless you know something I don't.

Here is an example of what I'm looking for, minus the vid card and an optical drive:


Notice the total price says $467.39 . If I were to add the mail in rebates to that it would be 497.39. However that is not what the prices would be carrying the items to checkout from the listed vendors.

The 5 items from Newegg come to $478.55
The case from NCIX comes to $67.18
For an actual total so far of $545.73, which would leave only about $105 to $130 for a vid card and optical drive.

I have played around a lot with various parts (for hours), and suppliers, only to find that the checkout price changes, when tax and shipping is added in, even though PCpartpicker apparently shows those prices included. I'm at a loss with the vid card as I'm not super knowledgeable on vid cards. I'd drop the optical drive as I have Win OS on USB, and as long as any of the components didn't require a drive for installation. I'm open to changing products and brands with consideration to what I've spec'd in the questionnaire above (I want the 8320). I am holding the Newegg items in checkout right now. I got an email re the processor this morning saying it had dropped to $134. When I went to Newegg it showed out of stock. Then as I was playing with and updating info here over several hours, it came up as in stock. So I scooped one onto my cart. I'm hoping to move on that today. The rest? I need your help. If you can help, and are using PCpartpicker to select and find components and prices that will fit my budget, the items have to check out at the specified price, or I'm back to trying to re-arrange compatible parts within the budget.

Any help in sorting this out would be appreciated,
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  1. Update: 9 hours later now, the FX 8320 CPU is no longer available at $134 from Newegg. It's back to being listed as Out of Stock. Still searching, and now considering compromises in all areas, including CPU, in order to fit the budget. I'd like to be able to take advantage of the Black Friday to Cyber Monday specials.
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