Battlefield: Bad Company 2/Vietnam Online Problems (PC) (Master Race)

Hey guys, look, so, i'm trying to playing Bad Co.2 with my mate and my brother, and with the normal one and Vietnam my mate will be able to join a game, and then only me or my brother.. If we try to join whilst the other is in game, we can't connect and it disconnects the other one from the game and then none of us can join back in so we go and do this with different servers and it goes over and over, we don't know what to do, so we were wondering if you wonderful people here at Tom's Hardware could help us out ?! :D p.s we know that we can actually run it on highest settings and all that stuff. Kind regards, Ryan. :)
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  1. kristianAA said:
    Just asking for cleareance are you all useing seperate accounts?

    Yeah man, we are..
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