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Hi guys I currently have 4GB of DDR3 Ram (2 x 2GB) running in my intel dx58so motherboard and am planning to upgrade my memory. I bought 8GB of DDR3 ram (2 x 4GB) and am wondering if I will get more performance with just replacing the previous memory or having all four slots filled. The reason I am asking is that both of these products were dual channel memory and my motherboard supports triple channel memory (four slots: 3 triple channel, 1 single channel). So will using two dual channel sticks reduce the overall bandwidth of my ram? I am new to upgrading pcs and am still confused about how the whole process works so sorry if my question seems a bit strange.
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  1. May not work with the new DRAM at all, any time you mix DRAM it can be problematic, would try the two new sticks and make sure they run and are stable, that will give you 8GB in dual, then can try adding the other 2 sticks - if all will play together should end up with 6GB in tri-channel and 6GB in single channel (for tri to work it requires an equal amount of DRAM in each channel so if you have 4 - 4 - 2 in the TRI area that's 2 GB in each channel (6 total in Tri) and the odd 4 (2x2 from the 4GB sticks in single channel) then adding the last stick would give you the 6 in single...
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