lga 1150 no upgrade path?

So there is no upgrade path for someone buying this brand new socket??

"We changed our minds about the FIVR, sorry bout that"
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  1. "If the slide is real"
  2. The article itself says the slide appears to contain contradictory information on this point. So there's no way of knowing.
  3. well i got that... was hoping you guys had heard more than I have. We hear about the next version of windows for years but intel I guess is far better at keeping a lid on its roadmaps
  4. Socket 1156.

    Beyond that, no comment.

    -Wolf sends
  5. im investigating getting an 1156... was pretty cheap last year, bet it better this one
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    You took that the wrong way. Socket 1156 is End of Life. It survived a single CPU generation just like the rumor you posted for socket 1150.

    -Wolf sends
  7. only 66.6% the wrong way hehe... I figured you were saying it was end of life but didn't realize it only suited 1 chip... hell it seems like if you get 2 anymore you're blessed... c'mon amd COMPETE damnit!
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