Asus GTX 770 2G or MSI GTX760 4G Which Card should I buy????

I will be buying a single card, I have a 750W PSU that will easily run either card.



I'm planning on running a two monitor set up and taking a chance at streaming.
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  1. The MSI GTX 760 4g will be good for 2 monitors, but the 2gb Asus GTX 770 will be better. Unless you're planning to go over 4k res, you'll actually need something better than the gtx 760. 2gb is more than enough ram actually.
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    The 760 can't fully utilize 4GB. A better bargain is the R9 280x. It's alot more powerful than the 770 with the addition of 3GB and its $30-$40 less.
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