Xeon x3350 compatibility with ASUS p5n-e SLI

Just updated my old machine from a core2duo e6400 to a xeon x3350.

I've been having problems since swapping the cpu, the computer will randomly freeze, mostly when its seems to be doing heavier load processing. most of the time when doing normal day-to-day activities it runs fine, but if its processing a lot of video, or I'm running games, it freezes up.


asus p5n-e sli mobo
xeon x3350 cpu
4gb ddr2 pc6400 ram
sapphire radeon hd7770

At first I thought that it was faulty ram, because I was also doing a ram upgrade, even after reverting back to the known good sticks, I still had the problem, so I deduced that it probably is the new chip. I read somewhere that maybe there is a compatibility issue with the two, despite the board claiming to be quad core compatible. however, when I checked the asus website, it did not list that cpu as supported on the board.

I think I incorrectly assumed that any lga socket 775 cpu would work fine with my board, even though its quite old, but I read somewhere that my board only provides 75 watts to the cpu, and the x3350 needs 95 watts to run stable. this would make sense as to why my system would be stalling, but if anyone can confirm this, it'd be very helpful.

if there is any workarounds that anyone can think of short of buying a new mobo, I'm also up for suggestions. ive had this rig since 2007, so its... dated. but I also would like to avoid spending more money on salvaging an old system.

thanks for any input!

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    The problem is the BIOS, in theory the x3350 is the LGA775 and your MB has the LGA775 socket, so they are compatible, but I check the asus website, they don't list the x3350 in the support CPU list. Without the correct BIOS you can't run x3350.
    Back to your question about the MB provides power for the cpu, you can see the Intel® Core™2 Extreme Processor QX6850 in the list, it has max TDP=130W, which is much more than 95W for the x3350.
    So you can use the old cpu e6400 to update the newer BIOS and try again, if you already do it, then it means the x3350 is not compatible the MB.
    You either use the e6400 or buy this MB Intel DG45ID, is does support the x3350, but is $$$$, or you can find other MB that can support the x3350. I think you should save more $$ for upgrading to the whole new system.
    support cpu list
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