Cpu usage spiking at idle up to 70%, in game spiking to 100% causing massive frame rate problems

My cpu: AMD Phenon II X4 3.4 Ghz, keeps spiking on programs such as steam, google chrome, and skype, using up almost all of the cpu. When I try to play games like tf2 or garries mod the cpu spikes to 100% every few seconds causing massive frame rate drops and the game freezing. Please note that I have a 7950 3g and 8g ddr3 ram on a 64 bit operating system. This problem has just happened in the past few days and I have had this computer for about 2.5 years now. Does anyone have an idea what is happening or how I could possible fix it ?
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  1. i would do a full virus test without network there is could be something that load and work on background .
  2. just tried that nothing came up
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