msi gtx 770 lightning vs gtx 780 evga

With all of the fuss of needing >2gb vram I was wondering if the price gap between the two cards were 100 dollars which should I buy? I play random mmo games, dota 2, and borderlands 2. I plan on upgrading in 2-3 years and I play at 1080p.
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  1. You don't plan to buy these cards for 2-3 years? Wait 2-3 years then come back im sure by then GPUs will be better and cheaper than GTX 780/770.
  2. a simple 2gb 770 is more then enough for your needs. those games you play don't require a lot of gpu horsepower; you'd even get away with a 660.

    a 770 at 1080p can handle any current game on Ultra right now
  3. I'm sorry I meant when I buy either of those cards I won't upgrade after them until 2-3 years later.
  4. any model of msi lightning that isn't a 780 or a 290 and up is wasteful now. msi lightnings are for waterblock power users who want to volt mod and shoot for the moon on overclocks with the best asics chips available.
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    Because you play mmo/moba and rpg games, you don't need a gtx 780, even for the next 2-3 years when you do decide to upgrade again. Mmo games are particularly cpu-bound, so graphics cards are not as important as the cpu. Dota 2 doesn't need anything fancy. Borderlands 2 doesn't need anything that fancy either.

    I would get the gtx 770. If you are not going to be playing any graphically intensive games like Crysis 3, Metro, Skyrim, Battlefield 4, etc, I would actually save a little money and grab either the gtx 760, hd7950, or r9 280x.
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