Best Budget Gaming Monitor

My price range is Max:$150

I don't know really much about finding good monitors but I would like one that has 3 or less ms and the viewing angles don't change from where your looking (this drives me crazy!) + plus no dark computer screens I like bright white.
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    While I was on the same budget, I spent days searching for a monitor. I ultimately decided to get the Asus VS247H-P because I love Asus and it had great features. I'm so glad I made that decision.

    I got mine for $135 and it is an extremely great monitor for its price.
    1080p, hdmi port, 2ms response time, 23.6"..

    The only cons is that it has a bit of a flimsy stand, and the display is yellowish out of the box. You can easily adjust your display settings to get where you want it to be though.

    The newer version, 248H-P is around the same price right now. But there's no necessarily huge differences at all; stat-wise they're basically the same.
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