Vizio M601d-A3R or Sharp LC-60C7500U

Vizio M601d-A3R for 1070 after taxes

Sharp LC-60C7500U for 1270 after taxes

Which one is a better TV? not counting the 200$ difference. Not counting the 3d/smart tv features

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  1. Very few things compare to Aquos.... only things I have seen coming even close to it have been the Triluminous displays by sony..... so I'd say if you have the dough the Sharp is better.
  2. hmm. from a spec point of view there isn't that much difference? Maybe I should just see it in action and decide? How about looking at it from resale point of view? Which one do you think can be resold for the smallest loss in a year's time if i decide to upgrade?
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    The Sharp will fetch you a better price..... the Vizio is still beginning to circulate in the market so very few models seem to come up for resale....
    Personally, I wanted a Vizio 60in this one in particular...
    But sadly they don't sell this down our side basically it was affordable to give it a try with sale prices on.....but in my case I had an option of placing this elsewhere in the house since i already have my 42 Panasonic one.... so this was going to be like a try and see kind of thing... no plans on reselling it later on....
  4. The specs are very similar but Sharp has the best image quality hands down.

    Get the won't regret it!
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