Is upgrading to an Intel i3 core a good idea for next gen games?

I know, i asked about i3 from my last post but this would be different.
Im really on a budget but i would spend more money on HD 7850.
But i also wanted to upgrade my Intel Celeron G1610 to an i3 3210. is it a good idea?
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    to be honest you should really be upgrading to an i5 as celeron to i3 wont have a very pronounced difference
  2. Yeah, im also thinking of that too.
    It's just the price of an i5 here is Php8000+ and a HD 7850 Php8000+ or Php7000+ (If only I can have the money to buy the one on clearance sale fast)
  3. if thats your only options its viable. many people use i3s with HD 7850
  4. Hmm, okay, i'll look to it if I can still save more money for an i5. Thanks. :)
  5. pick as best answer please? :P
  6. Oh, I forgot. :) Sorry. Nice specs you got there. I envy you. >:)
  7. thanks, this build was only a bit over 1k
  8. no intel i3 is not a good choice go for a amd fx 8320 same pricce as a intel i3 but better tha i3 it has 8 cores and good speed
  9. how in the world is a FX-8320 same price as an i3? the FX-6300 is same price as an i3
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