Computet not responding and slow, improves in safe mode but cant resolve the problem! please reply quick :)

Ok so I'm using a hp laptop I had last year. In the past 3 weeks while in normal mode it is extremely slow, failing to do basic tasks and mostly not responding. In safe mode it does work quicker but freezes if I download anything. It's told me before that my drivers need updating and windows too but I can't update in safe mode. Ive run cleaners and mostly they're fine, I have loads of room left and I don't think its a virus. It also gets warm very quickly and is loud. :( I'm a pc noob so reply quickly please! :)
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    1) you should download and run Malwarebytes, because Malware isn't a virus perse
    2) Have you a paid for / up to date antivirus? If not then in safe mode uninstall the Antivirus software and go to and download Avast! or AVG. Then reboot and let them scan as well.
    3) Have you tried Widnows restore to a date that when it was working better? Again still need to do 1 & 2 even if you do a restore
    4) Final thing would be to download DBAN, wipe the drive clean, then reinstall windows, driver, etc., all from scratch.
  2. I've run malware cleaners and it didn't do anything. If I restored would I lose my files?
  3. Restore will not make you lose say Word Documents or Pictures, but will remove any programs / installs you did. There is a option in Windows 7 where you can see "what will be affected" as far as programs go. If that doesnt' work I am still think a complete wipe and reinstall will either help resolve it, or prove a more underlying problem (Hard Drive may be going). I am still of the mind that there is a malware or virus on it, and as I suggested running Malwarebytes has been the most compentant (not a combo AV/Malware system, these are not normally smart enough to detect).
  4. I ran malwarebytes as a quick scan and it went quick for 2 minutes then slowed again. I'm now running a full scan that'd taken 10 hours so far because it freezes every so often for like 30 mins. How many files does it usually scan as mines scanned 283219 files so far
  5. Yes it taks a while but that the HDD is responding this way to the scan leads to a potential of other issues. I think you should next test the HDD with something like It sounds like, the system may be either choking to perform the task or the HDD is failing. Run SPECCY to give us the specs on your PC also.
  6. Ok I can't install speccy so could you recommend another? And what should I do on the other application you suggested? I have no idea what the graphs are or mean :)
  7. If you run SPECCY, just highlight the system specs on opening it, then copy and paste it here. Far as I know we are talking a 1990 Pentium I Computer running Windows 98. The secodn one HDtune click on ERROR SCAN, we are trying to determine if this drive is faulty or not. IF all this is too technical then STOP NOW and take it to a Technician to look at, all the steps we need to do are expected of a MODERATE TECHNICAL LEVEL, not a 'which plug is a USB plug' level, just to warn you. :)
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