Intel pentium dual core e2140 @ 1.6 ghz

Motherboard -P5GC-MX/1333
has latest bios also
OS-windows 7 Ultra 32bit
Fans/cooling-stock fans
Any issues
restart wont work both manually and internally (just black screen after doing restart)

Is it possible to overclock this cpu, i seen some earlier posts who had done but its own different much can i overclock ?
It will be grateful if someone can help me overclock this :) !

why no overclockers bothering to help me out :( ?
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  1. no overclocking with that board.i have one and the only thing you can do is install 64bit windows and install 4gb of ram.this will make a noticable difference.
  2. i checked bios it runs own 800mhz ...while my board supports up to1333 fsb ?
    y cant be overclocked bro ?
  3. only thing you can do here is go into your bios on boot and see if there is any way to manually set ram frequency.chance are no,800mhz sounds right,so unless the ram is stock at 1333 800mhz is what you get here.
  4. damn was wrong sorry. all the settings they are talking about are accessed thru your bios.go a little at a time and install a temp monitoring program so you dont cook it.i wouldnt think it would go much past 2.0ghz stable tho only time will you overclock your cpu the ram will oc as well. when you think you have it stable run a test with a program like occt.
  5. its k ,btw i am noob in overclocking can u provide instructions ?,also do u knw whts with my restart issue ?
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