My computer keeps on restarting whenever I reach "Completing Installation" during clean install

My computer says that it needs to restart Windows and there is the Restart Now Button, but after I restart, the process just goes back to the Language section and I have to redo the process and when I reach clean installation again and I click Disk 0 Partition(The HDD). it says it might have parts of a previous Windows Installation and all that and the files will be put into Windows.old and shit. Then I will have to redo
Is this normal? Or is something wrong. I downloaded a cracked version and used to USB Flash Drive
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  1. Format the HDD - Windows doesn't like upgrading much.
  2. Someone Somewhere said:
    Format the HDD - Windows doesn't like upgrading much.

    How do you format the HDD?
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    When it's asking what drive to install Windows to, hit 'advanced', select your partition, and hit format.
  4. when re-installing windows some people click load from USB or from CD now if you are using USB you need to make sure its not the first thing booting up or it will keep repeating it self over and over after restart. as its reading USB first, Press F12 ( Depending on Mother Board you key maybe differnt ) at the startup of the pc to choose USB booting first instead of entering bios.
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