Which has better graphics card for gaming?

Laptop A :
AMD A8-4500M
AMD Radeon HD 8750M 2gb

Laptop B:
Intel Core I5-3230M
Nvidia GeForce GT 635M 2gb
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  1. GPU Memory
    AMD(2gb) NVIDIA (2gb)

    Memory 2048 MB vs 2048 MB
    Memory Speed 1000 MHz vs 900 MHz
    Memory Bus 128 Bit vs 192 Bit
    Memory Type DDR3 vs DDR3
    Memory Bandwidth 32GB/sec vs 43.2GB/sec
    GPU Display

    Shader Processing Units 384 vs 144
    Actual Shader Performance 384 vs 288
    Technology - vs 40nm
    Texture Mapping Units - vs 24
    Texture Rate - vs 16.2 GTexel/s
    Render Output Units 8 vs 16
    Pixel Rate 6.2 GPixel/s vs 10.8 GPixel/s
    GPU Display Tech

    DirectX 11.1 vs 11
    Shader Model 5.0 vs 5.0
    Open GL 4.2 vs 4.1
    Max Resolution (WxH) 2560x1600 vs 2560x1600
    VGA Connections 0 vs 0
    DVI Connections 0 vs 1
    HDMI Connections 0 vs 0
    GPU Power Requirements

    Max Power - 35 Watts
    GPU Supporting Hardware

    Recommended RAM 6 GB vs 6 GB
    Recommended Screen Size 1366x768 1366x768
    Recommended PSU - -
    Gaming Performance Value

    The one with the AMD Graphics card is technically better. Clock speeds arent important- its performance per clock. The AMD card is a higher card than the 635M.

    GET THE LAPTOP with THE AMD GRAPHICS...and be happy
  2. Get Laptop A, i think that would give you better performance.
  3. Laptop A will perform better for gaming. It's gpu is definitely better. You should be able to play at medium-high settings, depending on the game, at 720p resolution (1366x768).

    From experience, my old hp i5-430m with an AMD HD5650 mobility gpu could play crysis at medium-high settings at 1366-768 with 30+ fps. The cpu in laptop A is a little better and the gpu is also a bit better.
  4. Best answer
    Laptop A
    AMD A8-4500M
    AMD Radeon HD 8750M 2gb

    Laptop B
    Intel Core i5-3230M
    NVIDIA GeForce GT 635M

    Better gaming performance goes to Laptop A however cpu lacks a punch its completely beaten by i5-3230m( ranked 81) while AMD A8-4500M(ranked 259)
    on the gpu 8750m is better than old nvidia geforce 635m
    Final verdict
    over all gaming performance goes to laptop A
    If u go for laptop A u fill have some fps rating going down for a bit cpu performance needed games like (total war rome 2) laptop b overtakes here
    it depends on what type of gaming u chose
    Good Luck
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