Question about selling laptop with or w/o Windows 7 retail OS.

I have a laptop that I would like to sell. I just need any help on how to take Windows 7 off the HD and make it a blank disk. If that is not possible can I bundle the retail Windows 7 disks I originally bought for myself with the laptop? Any expertise that would help me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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  1. Just boot from a Knoppix Live Linux disk and format the HDD, or you can boot from Hiren's Boot disk and run DBAN on it to insure that none of your data is recoverable. A third method that would also completely wipe all your old info is to boot from your Win 7 installer disk go to the command prompt and run diskpart with these commands:

    list disk
    select disk n (the OS disk)
    clean all

    Be sure to use the all switch to overwrite the entire disk. HERE is the diskpart syntax detail.

    Then you can sell it empty or load a Linux OS.
  2. So I I assume I would just do a fresh install of Linux with the Iso dvd just as I would with a fresh install of Windows? Then keep Windows? Is Linux as straight forward and easy to install as Windows if you have experience doing fresh installs of windows and re-formats?
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    Well it is a two part issue, first you want to do a complete wipe using diskpart clean all from a windows install disk command prompt, or with DBAN from a CD boot from HERE.

    Then, yes, you can load an easy Linux install like Ubuntu 13.10 from HERE. It is pretty straightforward and would be more appealing to a buyer to actually see the machine working. They have good documentation and the install is not difficult.
  4. Thank you both for the advice. I think it should not prove to difficult to get Linux as an OS on this machine and allow me to keep my retail copy of Windows 7. Thanks again.
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