Will my power supply run Radeon HD 7750 1GB DDR5?

On my power supply it didnt show exacly how may watts it has. On the back it has a switch that says 115V and if you move it the other number is 230V. The graphics card I want to get is :

Some people in the reviews say that like any psu over 200 can run it and others say you need like 400w.
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  1. Could you post your other specs? CPU? RAM etc.
  2. 8 gb of ram 3.6 ghz processor
  3. The switch doesn't really tell us anything about your PSU.
  4. You would need a decent 300w supply.
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    From what AMD has about that GPU you need 400w or better. There should be a label on one side or the other that breaks down how many watts and amp's is on each line. The +12 line is the important one for your GPU. If you can't find that at least try to find the make/model and it can be searched. If it is less than 400w I would not push it. Running a PSU over the watt/amp can cause some really big problems and can even take the whole system with it.
  6. clinnus7us said:
    8 gb of ram 3.6 ghz processor

    I meant actual processor name so we could know how much power that takes. And you did mean 230w correct?
  7. It says on that switch 230V so I dont know.
  8. Somewhere on the PSU it should say how many Watts it is. Also if you could just describe everything you can see on it, that would be great. There's a huge difference between power supplies even if they have the same wattage.
  9. Is this a prebuilt or homebuilt computer?
  10. what is the make & model of your PSU?
  11. This is a homebuilt.
  12. I will just call the guy the helped me build it because I think he knows
  13. Good call to be sure.
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