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Hi, When playing games my computer will reach temperatures of around 70 degrees and the fan will automatically speed itself up to 70% to compensate for the extra heat.

SO my question is what is a safe temperature to game at on a radeon HD 7950?
Also is there any recommended fan speeds that keep the fan fairly quiet whilst being effective?
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  1. I don't know much about fan speeds, but to answer your first question: Yes, 70 degrees is a safe temperature for that card.
  2. Leave the fan setting on auto if not overclocking the card you can turn them down but the card under load will run hotter, 70c is average GPU temp on most cards under full load they all run hot. 85-90c I would say is absolute maximum as long as its not continuous (running a graphics test on your GPU).
  3. As it heats up the fan speeds up to keep it cool, if it did not it would overheat! Max op temp for your card is in the high 90's°C so you are fine.
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