Built my first computer for freezes occasionally typically when there is alot going on. NEED HELP PLEASE!.

Here is a list of components I have acquired (with the help of a fry's employee...not the brightest idea I know...). everything runs smoothly, but typically when the action begins to intensify the system will freeze forcing me to restart. I've completed a scan of my computer via the command prompt but it says there are no irregularities, I've reduced the graphics to a less demanding level, and I still have this issue occur. Is this a compatibility problem amongst the parts? If so, what can I replace to maintain(or slightly improve) the level of hardware that I currently have? Any suggestions or recommendations are more than appreciated...this is my first time building a computer so there's not much you could say to insult me!

AMD FX-6300 six core processor
MSI 970A-G43 motherboard
DDR3 8GB 1600MHz RAM(2x4GB modules) CL9 Sapphire blue viper 3
DT01ACA100 1TB Sata\600 7200 rpm 32m HDD
ASUS AMD HD7870 2GB graphics card
Enermax OStrog BR case
Asus 24x OEM DVDRW
TT TR2 600w PSU
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  1. Everything looks like it should be compatible.

    1. What's your BIOS version? You could try updating it to the latest.
    2. Check your temps when idle/gaming/load (prime95 smallFFT test). Use a program like HWMonitor to check your temperatures and post some screenshots here. If it's too hot it could shutdown to protect the parts.
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    What are the temperature readings from your computer?

    If you can't tell download cpuid hw monitor from here

    Leave it running while you do something and try to come out of a game before it freezes. Then check the temps and report back. I'll try and help you diagnose and fix the problem:)
  3. Ok so my system bios version is: ALASKA - 1072009 BIOS Date 03/28/13 16:31:10 Version 04.06.05

    As for the temperature, I will have to play something for a bit and see how it looks. My graphics card came with a GPU tweak that keeps tabs on all that telemetry, so I shouldn't have to download one. I will let you all know how that goes shortly. THANK YOU FOR THE QUICK RESPONSES!!
  4. No problem:) Post back with the CPU and GPU temps when you can
  5. Even the CPU? I'm more concerned about the CPU temps than the GPU temps.
  6. You have installed all the correct device drivers? Motherboard and graphics
  7. ohh no not CPU. haha Guess I will have to download that afterall. alrighty I will download that and post back on here shortly! By the way how long should I play to see if the CPU is overheating?
  8. As long as possible before it freezes and you have to restart your system and lose the readings
  9. Not too long, 15 minutes or so and you'll be able to see the max temps it gets to, and your lowest, and what it currently is.
  10. ok so that website is being blocked by my internet security software. I'm assuming its safe to allow it to download? dumb question but I've gotta ask.

    As for the device drivers, I'm assuming you mean the disks that came with the package? those were installed when I assembled the computer.
  11. It's safe.
  12. Yes I meant the ones on the discs. You should download the latest drivers for your graphics card from the AMD website. They get updated quite often. I usually go with the latest beta release.
    Just type into google "download cpuid hw monitor" and follow whatever links if your internet security software is blocking it for some reason. It is quite safe to download and use:)
  13. OK I have tried to get this to download but it keeps giving me a download error and shuts itself down. I've tried turning off my internet security briefly to allow it, but its still wont go. any suggestions?

    p.s. sorry for all the trouble...I'm just getting my feet wet when it comes to
  14. It's no trouble:)
    Is cool and quiet enabled in the bios? It would help if it's a heat issue to downclock the CPU while it downloads.
  15. Also check to see if everything is plugged in securely.
    CPU fan, graphics card power plug etc.
    When you installed the CPU did you make sure any plastic cover was removed from the heatsink and it had thermal paste applied? Is the heatsink tightly attached to the CPU?
  16. Does the download keep cancelling itself, or the PC shutting down?

    If the download keeps cancelling you could instead try a program like HWinfo 64.
  17. the download keeps canceling itself. the computer isn't shutting down. I'll give the one you mentioned a try.
  18. ok so I downloaded the new driver for my GPU, installed the telemetry software and tested it all.

    after about 15 min. the max CPU temp was 53C and the average was 50C
    no freeze so far but we'll see how it goes.
  19. The CPU temp is fine. Good luck with the new driver. Post back if everythings resolved:)
    If not we'll try and look at another solution
  20. ok great! so what temperature should I start getting concerned?

    Again I appreciate all the help! I'll be sure to let y'all know if it doesn't work!
  21. It's okay, I wish I could of helped more. 65 degrees Celsius and over would be worrying. Don't forget to let us know if the issue is resolved
  22. I recently built my own first computer and the parts I got were almost identical to yours (everything the same except for hard drive and graphics card) and I had a similar problem. When playing intensive games, instead of the game freezing my computer would just shut down entirely. I fixed this by replacing the PSU.
    Although the problems are slightly different, it is worth giving a shot, since after overheating, the most common problem is the power supply.
  23. Ok cool. I'll give it a day or two and see if the issue has been resolved and I will definitely let you all know. Hopefully I wont have to replace anything.

    Thanks guys!
  24. So I THINK the driver download may have done it. I haven't had much time to try it this week but it has yet to freeze since I downloaded the driver and played for several hours without incident. Thanks a bunch to all of you for the speedy responses. certainly didn't expect to have the issue resolved in the time frame it was, so again a HUGE thank you!!

  25. Glenda Peter said:
    If your Hardware is pretty much compatible with game requirements than you have to go through some points before playing game to prevent your PC from freezing n lagging:-

    - Shut down all running updates
    - Remove all temporary files from your system
    - You must have enough memory on disc that can support your paging memory
    - Stop background running applications
    - Run Reginout Utility for extreme gaming experience
    - Update DX on your system
    - Try putting all graphics on low

    In seemingly every one of your posts here and around the Web, you promote the paid software Reginout. Please disclose any affiliation you have with the company. Spam is absolutely not tolerated here.
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