Catalyst Control Center is not letting me adjust manual fan speed

OK, I have a Sapphire HD 7850 video card, Windows 7 x64 as OS and Catalyst 13.9 as driver version. Problem is that the two coolers (probably combined, since I don't know how this is taken into account) are reported (by AIDA64) to stay at 26% rotational speed of their maximum output all the time, no matter the load on video card. I know there should be an option to manual adjust the fan speed under Performance -> Graphics Overdrive, but the option is simply missing and I can't adjust the fan speed. Sapphire TRIXX (manufacturer's own tweaking software) is reporting fans to stay at 0 RPM and 1% rotational speed of maximum output. MSI Afterburner simply has no effect on the fans, no matter the settings and how I move the fan slider. Basically, the fans are stubborn to rotate at very low speed. I also have a Sapphire HD 4870 video card and it's working like a charm, fan (a single one) is spinning depending on the power load on the GPU (set on auto) and I can adjust the fan speed on manual. Please tell me what to do. Why the option to set fan speed isn't there and why the fans are not seen by ANY program, it's like they are not even there. Otherwise the card is working. Thanks.
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  1. Is there a scrollbar on the right side? On my setup, I have to scroll down to find the fan speed setting in Catalyst Control Center.

  2. No, no scroll bar.
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