BSODs and sudden restarts, Asus Z87-K, i7-4770K…

Hi everyone!

So my issue is about my newly homebuilt PC. I'm using Windows 8.1 and experiencing BSODs and sudden restarts 10-120 minutes after started.

Problem occurs in no specific circumstances. It has been happened when I'm browsing web on Chrome and editing video in Premiere Pro.

I have contacted Microsoft hoping that they would solve this, but nothing. I think my problem is caused by some broken driver or my mother board, but I don't really know how to ensure that.

I have Intel Core i7-4770K connected on to Asus Z87-K. My power supply is Corsair CX600. I don't have external graphic card.

I would be so graceful for information about this case and I definitely provide you with all information about my configuration and actions if needed.

Thank you in advance!

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  1. Hi,

    Did you manage to resolve this problem?

    I've been encountering a similar problem with a Windows 8.1, homebuild using Asus Z87-K, i5-4670 and the Corsair CX600 PSU I used as a base for a homebuild at the weekend.

    No BSODs, but keeps restarting at random. Could be several times immediately following login, could be 5 mins into browsing online. Very frustrating!

    Having researched a lot online I started to wonder if the issue is related to the new Haswell processor and the CX600. In particular I'd read quite a bit about how Haswell chips use a lower power when idling and that "older" ATX PSUs do not necessarily deal with the less than 12V rails power very well.

    Anyway, long story short, having rummaged through the motherboard manual I've disabled the CPU C states option in the BIOS, and having done so, so far, in the last 48 hours the computer hasn't restarted once.

    I'm going to find some time at the weekend to run through and research the C states more thoroughly, determining which state is the more likely culprit, and whether I really need to worry any further but so far this has been the only change I've made that seems to be a fix.

    I hope that helps you, or anyone out there having the same or similar problems, and I'd be interested to hear how you managed to resolve your problem regarding this too.


  2. My case was solved finally by replacing both Kingston's black 8 GB RAM sticks with new ones.

    Despite that I had ran Memtest86+ on them for over 36 hours before that and the test didn't show up with any errors.
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