i have an beetel(Indian) 450 watt psu a year old and im purchasing a sapphire hd 7770 1 gddr5 gpu. so will i able to run it or

a good psu for Sapphire HD 7770 1gddr5
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  1. How many amps does it have on the +12v rail?
  2. thanks for the reply i think it has 22 amps in +12v rails.
  3. 22A is lowish. About what I would expect from a 300w PSU
    You might get away with it but you would be better off upgrading to a quality 400w unit
  4. ya i know it is not worth it but also im bit confuse about the quality psu around the market .would you please suggest me a good but not costly ( around 5k Indian) psu.thanks
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  6. ok i'll see it but are you sure this gonna not let me down as my product had been delivered to me and i saw in system requirement that it needs minimum of 450 or 500 watt certified psu....:) and thank you so much for your nice feedback
  7. Seasonic makes very good supplies. It has 38 amps on +12v which is enough for a 7770 despite what AMD recommend
  8. I think that the Seasonic PSU is a bit pricy and overkill as far as only a 7770 is concerned.
    You could save 1200 by going with a corsair cx430.
    I bought it 15 days ago for 2938.
    I'm planning to run a 650ti on it, which consumes 30W more than the 7770.
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