What's A Good 400-500 PC I can Build For Gaming?

I want to be able to play the latest games like bf4 but it doesn't have to be in ultra high settings and all. I would like it if it were in medium settings though. I basically need every component in the pc but forget about the monitor, keyboard, and mouse for the cost. Please help and thank you for your time.
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  1. amd x4 760k for $80 and a 2gb amd 7850 for $100. any cheap $20 full atx case will do fine. $50 for an fm2 motherboard. 2x4gb ram for $50. 600w power supply for $30. 1tb hard driver for $60. $20 dvdrw drive. windows 8.1 can be bought for $90. thats $500 and about the most gaming horsepower your going to get on your budget and still be considerably faster than the new consoles

    there are lots of deals on the kind of items i listed here because of the black friday weekend so you might be able to beat some of the prices... but i tried to give you the best prices i know of.
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