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Hi everyone,

First and foremost, love this forum. The experts on here are pretty great. I have been debating getting a new gaming pc to replace an old Ibuypower rig that I bought several years ago. I have never built one, but I have replaced the video card, power supply, RAM, heatsink on the cpu on my previous computer so I dont think I will have too much trouble buidling one from scratch. The games I am interested in playing on high/ultra settings are BF4, maybe COD Ghosts and Wow. From what I have gathered from the pros on this site, an i5 4670K would be a great choice since the i7 will be overkill since I dont plan to use this pc for anything other than gaming (dont tell my wife I said that!). I also see that the R9 280X seems like a good choice (missed out on some good deals on the 7990 a few weeks ago on ibuypower/cyberpower), however I am open to opinions on this (i.e. do I jump on the new R9 290 before we see some good cooling fans added on). Im thinking a SSD for the OS and a couple of games is a solid choice, so either a 120-ish GB or 256GB drive should be good. I have priced out building one using pcpartpicker but it seems like I can get a pretty similar setup on ibuypower/cyberpower for maybe 100-200$ more at most. Any thoughts? Oh by the way, looking to spend between 1000-1500$.
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  1. It's better to build yourself,Your good with the i5 ,get the 670 instead and get 120gb ssd not 256 that is too much money for something not necessary
  2. Any other thoughts/suggestions? Is a GTX 670 better than a R9 280X?
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    You should go for the Nvidia 760, it is similar price but better performance when compared to the 670. it is INFERIOR to the 280X but it's also $140 cheaper. A better comparison Nvidia Card would be the GTX 770 which is still cheaper.

    The 770 also has better performance than the 280X.

    In reality the 670 and 280X are in VERY different tiers.
    There really isn't anything to beat the 770 and 760 right now. the 270X can't compare either.

    If you want to get the EXACT price get the EVGA GTX 770 4GB edition. with this it can dominate the 280X in Higher resolution but I cannot recommend it for lower resolutions.

    Remember to choose a best solution!
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