how to connect 2nd tv to wireless tv provider

We have a TV in one room and just bought a 2nd tv for another room. We get internet on the new tv because we can watch netfix, but how do I get TV channels on this new TV? Do I need to call Telus to come back into our home to get it to work? Do I need to purchase something that plugs into new tv that communicates with wireless to stream TV onto new TV?
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  1. how does the first tv connect to the television for tv service?

    never heard of telus (i'm in usa) but for fios and comcast they use coax cable and to add a new tv they use a splitter and a seperate cable box.
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    You seem to have things confused here. Your TV is not getting a wireless TV signal, your internet connection is though WiFi.
    Just look at how your other TV is connected (probably though a coax cable or though a cable box) and connect your new one the same way.

    How did you ever get the first TV setup if you can't figure out how to setup the second one? Just follow the same procedure as you did for the first TV.
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