Migrated OS from old HDD to new SSD. What Now?


I recently bought a Samsung 840 EVO 120GB SSD. I used the Paragon OS HDD to SSD program to migrate Windows 7. I only selected the Windows 7 when migrating and left all the installed programs on the old HDD, because my HDD is around 700 GB full and that wouldn't fit on my SSD. I figured I would remigrate the most important programs and leave the less important on the HDD. Now I rebooted and set the BIOS to boot from the SSD. Everything booted and much faster than before to my expectance. Now I wanted to launch programs from my old HDD, but then it said that the Program could not be found and it displayed the file path, which was the same changed HDD name from C: to I:. Now this is happening with every program left on the HDD. I tried to de-install Paragon because I left that on the HDD, so I could reinstall it onto the SSD. But then it told me that the Admin stopped the installation, although I only have one user and that one is Admin.

So to sum it up, I cant launch programs because they can not be found, although I can find them in the program files. And secondly, my SSD isnt given admin permissions.


Thanks in advance!:)
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  1. Right.
    In the Registry, the applications are seen as "C:/Program Files/WhateverApplication.exe"
    They no longer live on the C drive...ergo, your problem.

    This is one of the reasons I always suggest a fresh install when moving to a new drive. Unless you can migrate everything, there are issues.

    You might be able to eventually fix it, but it will take far longer than just reinstalling new.
  2. Hello... when you use and migrate from another hardrive, you need to make new Program Short cuts for anything that is not working with current program/file locations, and delete the old ones... migration is a hit and miss situation.
  3. Problem is that I cant deinstall any programs because windows says I dont have the admin rights.
  4. Well the program I used to migrate, I cant launch it because it says it cant be found. File Path: "I:/Program Files (x86)/Paragon Software/Program/migateous.exe cant be found". I: is the old HDD, I go look onto that HDD and find the exe. I then launch the exe inside all the program files and it says the same again. I cant reinstall the program, which i have tried, because it says the Administrator has stopped the installation because of rights/permission. I tried to run as admin, nothing happens. I think the system isnt giving the ssd the admin rights. I tried launching some games from the old HDD and those worked.
  5. Everything is the same as before, only that there is an ssd in the rig and the os has been moved from the hdd to the ssd
  6. So I have to newly install Windows 7 from disc onto the ssd
  7. Once you do get the install all straightened out on the SSD, see this completely self-serving tutorial for how to redirect all your static files elsewhere.

    I wrote that, because I was repeating the same thing bobbynow just said, several times a day.
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