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I had to replace my HD and I went from old school serial to SATA. During windows 7 install, it does not see my drive. I CAN see it in the BIOS. Not sure what I am doing wrong. I cannot boot from the old drive. ABIT Ni8 SLI motherboard. I have read in several places that I need to format the drive, but then I read in some places that Windows will do it. Any and all help would be appreciated.
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  1. "I went from old school serial to SATA" to what? What are you using for your boot drive? Do you have more than one drive installed? What are the devices and their order in the Boot Order section of the bios? If you have more than one drive installed, try disconnecting all but whatever drive you want for the OS install.
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    Did you select the NATIVE mode in BIOS to install the OS ?

    If the drive was from a different PC, then you have to do a repair install of OS with a bootable media(DVD/USB).

    If the drive is new then you have to install OS in to it with a bootable media.
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