Can't Set SSD as Boot drive in UEFI.

Just got a larger SSD, (Moved from Intel to Samsung). Used the migration software to clone the old drive and it worked famously. Replaced the old drive with the new one, then went into the UEFI bios to make sure it was set as the primary boot drive. This is where the problem starts. In the Bios setting where it allows you to set a Primary and a Secondary boot drive it doesn't even show my new SSD. It shows my HDD and even my USB attached backup drive, but not the Samsung ssd. If I look in the SATA menu, it shows the new Samsung drive as P1. And if I click on that it boots into windows fine. If I just restart I can tell the boot is a lot slower as the bios tries to boot with every other drive until it gets to the SSD. So the bios recognizes the SSD but it won't let me set it as the primary drive. And Ideas?

Screen Shot:
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    and the solution was?
  3. There's another menu that's title doesn't denote having the Boot Order inside. I passed over it many times as it wasn't labeled how the others were. It's mid way down the SATA config menu.
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