First Gaming PC Components - Are they compatible and/or smart?

Hey everyone, I am selecting the components for my first gaming PC and am having some trouble. First of all, I would like to know if the overall choices I made (haven't ordered yet) are good.

Here is the build:

Anyways, here is my main question: Do I need to buy a wireless network adapter to simply connect to the internet? At first I did but I don't see them in any builds on the website or on youtube. I also have a problem with slow internet so should I buy that intel internal adapter? I want an internal one because I want to keep some usb ports for other things.

On a side note: Is the Hyper 212 enough to cool the 780?

If it's important, my router is an RT-N66U (wireless).
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  1. pretty solid build i would go one more step for your power supply to make upgrades easier. and if you need to connect wirelessly then you need the adapter
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