Budget cuts and needing a GPU

Well, after a $550 car repair, My GPU budget is GONE. My system specs are:

Intel Core i5 3570k @4GHz
8GB Kingston HyperX 1600MHz
Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD3H
120GB Samsung 840 EVO
XFX Pro650w PSU

I was planning on getting the R9 280x. But that is down the drain. I need a bearable $50-60 GPU to hold me over until tax time. Preferably AMD. I play Skyrim currently on low/med settings with the integrated HD 4000. Playable but depressing at the same time.... lol. So what's a good throwaway card for ~2 months that will play Skyrim on Med/High?
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  1. Anything better would be over budget:(
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  3. 1G HD 6450 would probably be the cheapest card i can find depending where you are located if you do look at nvidia cards probably a 1Gb GT620 will do the job for around the same price
  4. Wow good find Welshstig. That is cheap and better than my suggestion:p
  5. Unless you can find a good deal on a used card, and card in that price range wont be much better than the intel gpu. If you could spend $80 you could get a HD7750 which will do what you want. It possible you maybe able to get it on sale cybermonday for $60 or less.
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